LibreOffice Donation Gift Card !!!

Still have not found that perfect gift for that special person in your life? It is never too late to give. Make a donation to the LibreOffice Project in their name!

Download the following .svg file[1], and, tailor the sum to the amount you would like to donate with your favorite vector graphics editor (our suggestion: Inkscape[2]), OR, print them, just as they are, with the amount of $10 already inserted for you. Go to the LibreOffice donation website and complete the donation in their name[3].

We would like to thank you in advance for this wonderful act of kindness which is most appreciated.

LibreOffice Marketing Team



NOTE: This work is licensed under the Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported License — Visit the LibreOffice wiki pages for more details of the file:




NOTE: To modify the amount in Inkscape:

  • load the Donation_card.svg file
  • double-click on the amount
  • modify the amount
  • print



About Marc Paré

Member of the DocumentFoundation (TDF) and member of the LibreOffice marketing team.
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